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 Special-purpose Machines

Machining Centers / Line Up

Today's highly productive horizontal machining centers are on the main track for metalcutting.    
TOYODA offers a full line of machines for rapid processing of small-to-medium size parts,and highly precise machining for large workpieces.   
Choose from a range of size and options to match the machining center to your quality, size and volume requirements.
Machining centers for line


General-purpose cell machine supporting mass production.

► Smallest floor space in it's class.
► Offer high speed & high acceleration feed with a rapid feedrate of 60m/min and a Z axis rapid acceleration of 17.64m/s2 (1.8G)
► Cylindrical roller guide and high rigid 3-point support bed keeping machine level stable over a long period.
  TH355F3 TH555F3 TH355F4 TH555F4 TH355F4X TH555F4X TH555i4
Travel X axis(mm) 300 500 300 500 300 500
Y axis(mm) 550+33  550
Z axis(mm) 530
Rapied feedrat(m/min) 60
Spindle rotation(min1) 12000 10000 8000 10000
Spindle nose taper BT No.30 BT No.40
Spindle drive motor(kw) 5.5/3.7 11/7.5 30/26 11/7.5

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High Precision Machine Tools 

A machine particular developed for ultra high-accuracy truing operation and Contributes to the future technologies with nanometer machining.

AHN05 High-Precision Freeform Grinding   

The most suitable for machining aspheric shapes with small diameter and 3-D curves in the optical communication sector Two to Five axes. 

Item AHN05
Max.machining dia. ( mm ) φ50
Slide table travel [ X, Y, Z ]   ( mm) X:150, Y:50, Z:100 
B-axis table rotation angledegrees(°)    310
Main spidle rotation            ( mm1 ) 50-5,000
Rapid feed rate [X, Y, Z]     ( mm/min ) 500
cutting feed rate [X, Y, Z ]  ( mm/min) 500
B-axis rotation speed        ( min1) 3
Minimum input increment [XYZ] (nm) 1
Minimum input increment [B]      (°) 0.0001

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